8 Hilarious Clothing Disasters


Clothing is something that’s easy to screw up. Usually, you just put something on without thinking about it too deeply. After all, we can’t fully see what we look like because our perspective is limited, therefore accidents happen.

In some cases, it’s the designer’s fault for using the wrong words or the wrong pictures on a shirt or on a pair of pants. In other cases, it’s the user who truly makes a happy accident happen and doesn’t realize it.

To illustrate what we mean, here are 12 hilarious clothing fails that will make you think, ‘I’m glad that wasn’t me!’:

1This person has a sweet grandmother who is either completely aware of the joke or she really just loves her grandson BJ. He wrote: ‘So My Name Is Brodie Jonas Dean, My Grandma Found This Shirt For Me Thinking It Was A Great Coincidence. Thanks, Grandma.’