Cosplayer Transforms Herself Into Anyone And It’s Impressive


It’s always fun to check out some of the costumes that cosplayers dress up in. Whether you’re at a comic convention or just browsing the internet, the effort that goes into the outfits is amazing.

Some cosplayers are more detail oriented than others and make sure that their costume stays true to the character who inspired it. One cosplayer, Alyson Tabbitha, is an expert when it comes to cosplaying.

She adopts the character so thoroughly, that she looks as though she’s become them. From the outfit itself to the hair, and makeup, Alyson transforms herself to the point that she becomes almost unrecognizable. Here is a gallery of some of her best work:

1. The Vampire Chronicles

Here is Alyson’s version of Lestat de Lioncourt from “The Vampire Chronicles.” Check out the contouring to mimic Lestat’s sharp bone structure.

2. Final Fantasy XIII

This is Alyson as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. Alyson designs and makes every piece of the costume herself. This includes the clothing and whatever props that the character uses. She also customizes and dyes her own wigs to ensure a perfect match.

3. Wonder Woman

Prepare to have your mind blown by her rendition of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. How she manages to look exactly like her is astonishing.

4. Final Fantasy

Here is another Final Fantasy character. This time she chose Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII. Check out the details on the face and the costume. It almost looks as if it’s a hyperreal drawing instead of an actual photo of her.

5. Edward Scissorhands

This has to be one of the best cosplays of Edward Scissorhands. If we didn’t know any better we’d think she took that costume from the set of the actual film. The hands are almost an exact replica.

6. Kim Boggs

Alyson shows how versatile she is when she can transform, not only into Edward Scissorhands but Kim Boggs who is Edward’s love interest.

7. Jack Sparrow

You might be confused by this re-enactment, but let us reassure you, this is not Johnny Depp. It’s Alyson doing Jack Sparrow. We know, the result is uncanny.

8. Atack on Titan

Alyson cosplaying a female titan from ‘Attack on Titan’. This is another example of Alyson looking as if she was a video game character and not an actual person in a real photograph. Blurring the lines between reality and fiction? This is something we can definitely get behind.